Real Estate in Los Angeles
Paul O'Mara

Real Estate in Los Angeles
Buy and Sell with Paul O'Mara

Real Estate FAQ Buyers Part 1

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Community Events

Virtual Networking by Network After Work

Network After Work - Los Angeles Networking Events

Have you tried our Virtual Networking Events? These convenient digitally-driven events take a distinctly 21st century approach to professional networking. Attendees participate in these innovative networking opportunities from their homes or...

Tuesday Evening Session - Westside

PhDs and PostDocs in LA: Writing and Networking

We will use the Pomodoro Method. There is plentiful parking.

Can we do an online chat to start?

Step-Parents Are People Too

Hi all. This is a new group and as we are few in number, I thought it would be good for us to do an online chat unless you want to meet in Brentwood for lunch the same date and time. What are your thoughts? I can send an invite for an online...