Real Estate in Los Angeles
Paul O'Mara

Real Estate in Los Angeles
Buy and Sell with Paul O'Mara

Real Estate FAQ Buyers Part 1

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Community Events

Magic: The Gathering Newbie Night!
3-20-19 7:00 pm - Tap Two Blue
Los Angeles Magic The Gathering Meetup

Welcome to Newbie Night for Magic: The Gathering! Get help with deck building or practice the basics whether or not you have cards. We have tons of free cards to give to new players looking to try and build decks. No Pressure Standard play all...

CAMEO’s WOVEN Connects – "How Do I?" Q&A @ Patriotic Hall, Los Angeles
3-20-19 7:00 pm - Tap Two Blue
WOVEN Meetup for Military Women Entrepreneurs

Need $250 for your business?How can that $250 get you what you’re missing?RSVP to enter to win and find out so much moreConnect with other women vets and military spouses who are building their business--------- CAMEO's WOVEN - a program of...

USC/LATTC Area Board Game Night!
3-20-19 7:00 pm - Tap Two Blue
Los Angeles Board & Tabletop Games!

Join us Wednesday's for Free Board Game night! We usually play board games at Tap Two Blue!. Everything in the store is playable and sometimes people bring their own collections! We plan to meetup around 7:00, but tabletop gaming is free all day...