Real Estate in Los Angeles
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Real Estate in Los Angeles
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Real Estate FAQ Buyers Part 2

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Community Events

Hike with Dogs from a Shelter/Rescue (South of DTLA, east of USC) [check date]

"Volunteer in LA"

Hi.  If you are using the Meetup mobile app on your phone, look down a few lines below and tap the red-colored "Read more" to expand the description. TAP THIS --------- If you are using a computer or laptop/notebook, then you should be fine....

Goddess gathering

Embrace the Goddess within

I feel that we as women are on a rise, we are entering into this new phase of self-awareness, self-love and we are no longer taking BS.Who is open and ready to shift their life into a new direction? It is our time to shine ladies!!Who is tired of...

Malibu Canyons -1st Day of Fall


Update Wednesday 9/19: Getting together ~ 1pm on Sunday 9/23. Very excited to see everyone and meet new people! The DRIVE : !!Dangerous!! - - please be careful and really know what you’re doing. Definitely don’t push it if you’re not sure....